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Anonymous sent: Mischevious M!A has stolen all of Hephaestus' clothing - except his suits! Hephy must clean up and wear suits for four hours. Be dapper like a sir.


If there was one word in the entire world that summarized what Hephaestus felt right now, it was ‘speechless.’ He felt like something was torn from his very core — what made him a blacksmith was now morphed into a … gentleman of some sort? Having no choice but to wear the suits he owned, the god pulled the curtain back that hid a mirror; and stared at his reflection for what felt like an eternity.

  1. parthenusareia said: "Hephaestus!" Athena called for the god as she entered his home and seeing that he was not at his forge. She had the luck of the devil, showing up when she did. "Are you busy?"
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